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During its company history, which began in the 60's, Fosam has specialized in the production of office systems furniture.

Today, Fosam guarantees quality and professionalism, designing, producing and installing a comprehensive range of office furniture that, besides being modular, is coordinated in its finishes and integrated in dimensions that can be combined and mixed with each other. The product range has been created by well known designers and company's R&D Office.

The care taken with design has not neglected the market's fundamental demand for a simple, functional and easy to assemble product. Fosam is also very aware of the need to protect the environment which is why it uses recyclable raw materials in its productions and avoids using harmful substances.

Fosam product is designed in order to be integral part of work environment of the final user. Operating following quality orientation can satisfy an executive necessity of the user and, of course, can improve its life quality. Moreover, some product features give the user the chance of working in a confortable and safe environment.

Nowadays Fosam is engaged in a process of growth and development of their products and of the markets. UNI EN ISO rules are an ideal reference to substain and stimulate this process.



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