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Project “Wellbeing and healthcare in working and living environments” starting from the analysis of the environmental, energetic and demographical world’s macro trends, that with Fosam’s history and mission.

The world we are living in, it is a fragile system especially when men uses substances that cannot be easily absorbed by this biological mechanism.

An emblematic example is given by the hydrocarbons combustion and even more by the radioactive waste from the nuclear fusion process that put in the atmosphere and in the environment non recyclable (in short terms) substances that cause serious damages to the ecosystem and to the genetical structures of human beings.

Life on earth is possible thanks to the atmosphere that enables us to breath oxygen and protects us from solar and cosmical radiations. Because of the combustion emissions, toxical gas’ and pollution this membrane is growing thicker in some points, lowering the degree of protection and causing the “greenhouse effect”.


Another pressing problem is the energy availability referred to the actual and future world consumption.
A number of studies carried by international institutes of research underline that the development based on oil and fossil fuels won’t last long.

It is easy to image what will happen in the future if you think for a moment at some matters as: the buy up of raw materials of China and other development countries; the growth of consumptions in these regions. The future scenario will be characterized by a constantly growing consumption and an equal reduction of the resources.

Nobody can give a solution to these problems, but being aware of them is a very important first step. We can contribute with our choices, our behaviour and where we lean our expenditures and opinions. We are part of the world we are living in and we live using the resources given by the environment. It cannot be something unrelated to our life. We all have the responsibility to protect and preserve it, it is our right and proper duty.
We have to look for new low consumption energy sources, if we want to continue our economical and demographical development. We also have to realize products that lower the resources used in their production, keeping or raising at the same time their performances and productivity.
Fosam has this awareness and responsibility. We plan our research and production activity on the facts analyzed before, developing coherently products that share our company culture and philosophy that is founded on 3 paradigms, that are and will be the reference of our work:



These values won’t be an obstacle, a limit or a threat but an opportunity that will enable us to do our job at best and help us to leave a better world to the next generations, better than the world we have.
Our products, particularly Fosam’s Radiant Dividing Wall, are based on the human being respect because of:

  • Use products that observe the 97/69 CE directive on dangerous materials.
  • Use of non dangerous products, both for the producer and for the user, because the materials applied do not content toxic or polluting substances or ionizing radiations.
  • Planning choices originated by functional, ergonomic and performance needs, always with a great attention to design.
  • Measurability of what is presented and proposed.

Based on the respect for the environment and resources:

  • Use of less means as possible (material and energetical).
  • Use of highly available and biodegradable materials.
  • Realization of lasting, repairable products, with low maintenance, renewable parts, that have to have different functions and at the end of their life they have to be recyclable.

According to this philosophy Fosam has a main objective: develop a marketing that combines the economical interests with the paradigms mentioned before. This in order to produce solutions for a healthier and more comfortable working and living environment, with a high degree of wellbeing but with low consumptions.
This is our philosophy, our commitment, our promise.
Choosing Fosam you choose to share our commitment for a new and better world.

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