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Office System Pareti Divisorie Pareti Radianti Medical Epta Porte su Muratura
Fosam Office System Partition Walls Radiant Partition Walls Medical Epta Doors on Concrete Walls
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Cross Design: Stefano Getzel   cross
OfficeSystem Direzionali Cross
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As an Executive line, Cross with its modern but sober lines, with personality but beyond-time shapes and materials, can furnish the space maintaining an ergonomic, fancy, high-classed and comfortable environment.
Cross Executive allows the creation of working spaces, featured by functionality and exclusivity, with a mix that cannot avoid to catch the eye.
Rounded and ergonomic shapes, the use of steel and tempered mirrored oxidated crystal, together with the cherry wood finish of the tops, are the heart of this range of desks, pedestals, cabinets and meeting tables.
The X-shaped column, is the basic element of this system. The column / uprights are connected by strong metal beams which form a structure were desk tops and cabling can be held.

This product meets the request both of interior architects, who have to design, and the facility managers who have to manage the office of the third millennium: wide movement for continuous transformations due to organizing changes.
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