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Atollo Design: Stefano Getzel e Uff. Tec. Fosam   atollo
OfficeSystem Operativi Atollo
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Permanency and movement
Two conical tubular legs: a fixed one that can be adjusted in height and a moving one on self-braking castor.

Office and flexibility
In movement Atollo can be arranged horizontally with flexibility: a series of nomadic elements that can be hooked or joined together, they can slide, be placed together or stand alone.

Solidity and adjustability
Arranged in fixed layouts, Atollo offers the heigh adjustability of its metal structure.

Work and adaptabiliy
Vertically, adjustable.
Horizontally, movable.
A real office furnishing family.

Fixed Atollo is characterized by its conical steel legs, with plastic foot casings supplied in black or orange.

Overall ergonomics is enhanced by the fact that you can adjust the height, made extremely easy by the adjustable feet with millimetric rod.

All compositions can be integrated with the system on castors. With Atollo you can join several tops with different shapes together: regular asymmetric, curved and sculpted, to satisfy different aesthetic requirements

The nomadic Atollo programme serves groups with the common objective of creating work island that contribute to the immediate exchange of information and to efficient team work
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