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Cross Design: Stefano Getzel   cross
OfficeSystem Operativi Cross
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Today the workplace characterised by high tech equipment, frequent changes and a highly flexible organisational structure, calls for furnishing systems that can quite easily answer the need for change, optimising the available space and all the elements that are in the workplace, maintaining an ergonomic, pleasant and comfortable habitat.

This is why Fosam is introducing its Cross production, a system for organising work with a sharing structure that can expand three-dimensionally and evolve as the user's requirements dictate, optimising the space that is available, delimiting closed areas in open space parts and configuring single and multiple workplaces.
The new Cross offers quality and a variety of finishes such to create managerial and meeting areas as well.

The tall cabinet, that marks a cross on the plan, is the basic element of the system. The tall cabinets-uprights are connected together with strong metal elements forming a frame to hold shelves and the ducts for housing/passage of the cables. Feet and brackets slide along the tall cabinet profile so you can adjust the height of each single top: each workplace can be independently adjusted to the height wanted.

Cross is a fluid system in that it can grow vertically and horizontally: the tops can be combined together while by lengthening the legs they become tall cabinets so you can have functional spaces at different heights giving you a vertical workplace.
With Cross it is possible to create work spaces characterised by a high concentration of people all doing different jobs. It is a furnishing programme that meets the requirements of interior architects who have to design, but also of the facility managers who have to run the office of the 3rd millennium: great mobility for continuous transformations due to organisational changes.

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