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Mixed vertically developed
Pareti Divisorie Sviluppo Miste verticale
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Fosam’s Mixed vertically developed Partition Walls are constituted from dividing elements either Blind as well as glazed supplied in the following standard heights of cm 217,8 and 259,4 with overheads until 300 cm.

For higher dimensions the plan will be evaluated each time.
The standard modules are supplied in the following sizes: 50,100 and 120 cm of width and cm 115,4 of height of the blind part, the remaining part until the ceiling, excluding possible overheads or plinth, will be glazed.

The lower part of the modules is blind and it is of wooden panels (Wooden finish melamine or laminate, available in different colours, or Topakustik or in veneered, durmast, maple, beech, cherry, national walnut) the upper part is made of double glass panels.

All the panels are vertically bordered in PVC 1,5mm thick rounded R 1,5; horizontally in PVC 5/10 thick

The structure of the partition wall is 6 cm thick. Either the blind panels as well as the glass ones are fixed on it ( the thickness of the glass is 4 mm ). The total thickness of the partition wall, including the thickness of the seal strips, turns out to be 10 cm.

The mixed blind/glazed partition wall has been planned considering all the plant engineering needs that the modern work places requires. For this reason it is possible to canalize either the upper as well as the lower part of the partition, with the possibility, anytime, of inspection and interchange.

The classification values in accord to the ISO 717/1 norms, obtained with the insertion of proper insulating material, for the acoustic isolation (verification in the GALLILEO FERRARIS Institute of Turin) and for the fire resistance (verification in the C.S.I. IMQ Institute of Milan) are:

Fire resistance REI 65 Category REI 60
Reaction to fire Class 1
Blind partition wall with insulation up to 46,3 dB
Blind partition wall without insulation up to 41 dB

Fire resistance REI 101 Category REI 90
Painted steel Class 0
Skinplate steel Class 1
Acoustic insulation up to 52,4 dB

Acoustic insulation up to 46,8 dB

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