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Fosam has always paid attention to the new requests of a market in evolution and a more and more exigent client; with this attention Fosam had developed the innovative system of the Epta Steel modular radiant partitions.
A traditional heating system (with radiators or air convectors) works at rather high temperatures, with a convective termic exchange located in restricted areas. This type of system do not offer an homogeneous wellbeing and causes high consumptions and a movement of air and fine dusts. The most vanguard solution for heating and cooling systems is based on radiant walls.

Epta Steel, our radiant partition modular walls, are projected following our philosophy: respect for Human beings, Environment and Resources.

What is and how works this technology? What the advantages, characteristics and benefits of Fosam radiant walls?

Fosam’s Epta Steel are metal radiant partition modular walls that structurally divide rooms, simplifying construction, reducing the amount of materials used, the energy consumption and increasing the working and living environment wellbeing.

Inside the radiant walls there are worm-pipes that conduct hot and warm liquids according to the application and to the season.

pareti radianti
The transfer of heat occurs mainly by RADIATION: in fact, it is the ample surface of the walls that radiate people and things and by so doing the well-being felt by the people is far greater compared to a traditional system maintained at the same temperature (convection system) because the surface of the human body radiated by (vertical) wall heating is much larger than the surface heated by traditional systems (in points) and also by floor and ceiling systems. Moreover, the temperature guaranteed by a wall radiating system is constant without any sudden changes which is typical of convection systems.

Radiating walls also have a cooling function. In fact, by applying the same heating principle (low temperature water circulating through the coils) heat is taken from the environment thus cooling it.

The installation of every single module of the wall (modular and prefinished) is easy, quick and without any yard work. The system is made of: radiant walls, pipe system and secondary pipe-fitting, temperature control and regulation gearcase, cool and heat erogation energetic system. The system is organized in this way: the radiant walls, as stated before, have worm-pipes inside with some exits that allow the connection of the little pipes, linked to the secondary system.

The Fosam’s radiant partition walls and their functional system determinates a series of characteristics, advantages and benefitssuch to let this system extremely innovative and efficient, as per its functional and per the economic profile as per the wellbeing and the healthiness that offers to whom works and lives in the environment where it is used.

Fosam’s radiant partition modular walls have won some important awards.

radianti Download the Fosam Epta Steel Radiand brochure - (1,5 MB)

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