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Forefront project for South Europe aid

The new “NATO AFSOUTH” headquarters for South Europe has been carried out near Naples, precisely at Lago Patria covering an area of 24 hectares. The new project which cost is appraised at approximately 160 million euros, is expected to include the main Building Complex and the relocation of personnel from other sites planned according to the Atlantic Alliance.

The new headquarters will host ten facilities, the main building four story high with two underground floors, the Community Service Centre, three story high with shops and services, gym, swimming pool and tennis courts; the motorized Unit is located on two floors, the Italian Headquarter, the British Headquarter and the American one as well, a building hosting all the various installations and centralized plants a sentry box and a Computer and Communication Centre.

The new facility will be able to host approximately 2500 people, including warehouse and services. The inauguration and move-in date for the Joint Force Command took place mid 2012. This site replaces the Nato base currently located in Bagnoli. The construction of the new building has been carried out by Società Condotte d'Acqua SpA with its offices in Rome.

Fosam has won the tender for the supply of over 60.000 sq. meters of both metal and glazed demountable Partition Walls - developed vertically and horizontally - Doors and Bathrooms, outdoing some of the main European competitors. The decisive factor was the experience gained in the management of sites of enormous size, the ability to customize the product according to the project and the production of metallic walls in class '0' reaction to fire.

Fosam’s philosophy which has characterized its products over the years, was particularly appreciated by the customer. Respect for Man, Environment and Resources are particularly evident with the utilization of Metal partitions since there is zero emission of polluting substances and it is 98% recyclable.

Fire resistance and high sound absorption rates of our walls, strictly committed to high security standards were highly esteemed.

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